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Jim Pike is Code REV’s director of game-based learning, a fifth grade teacher at Albert Einstein Academy of Beverly Hills, and the lead consultant on the Rio Hondo College MindCraft STEM-CTE I TEACH Grant Program. Jim just published the first of a series of 3 ISTE articles on Minecraft in the classroom.

Jim has been teaching with Minecraft for over 3 years and is the creator of MathCraft, which combines Math and Minecraft to teach math in a fun, highly effective way.

Together with CodeREV, Jim has developed the Minecraft Professional Learning community, which offers Common Core Standards aligned lesson plans and professional development workshops.




Dr. Stuppy has long been in search of the Holy Grail of math education – a game-based math teaching and learning program that is highly engaging, educationally effective and fun for students, and that increases teacher professionalism, discovering what works, providing a forum for sharing best practices & strategies and rekindling the joy of teaching. John found the answer – the MathcraftPLC curriculum on the Minecraft video game platform. MathcraftPLC enables any teacher to teach and assess Common Core Standards. John brings 25+ years experience in education, technology, products and services to make MathcraftPLC the one-stop-shop for math game-based learning. Dr. Stuppy is the former CTO K-12 at Sylvan Learning Systems, the CIO of Princeton Review, President of TutorVista, and VP of Product Development at ETS.

Dr. Stuppy has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News; NBC Today Show; the NY Times and Wall Street Journal. John earned his B.S. in Biological Science and Masters in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education at Stanford University, an MBA in marketing, and a Ph.D. in Education Policy from UCLA. He is an expert in online and in person tutoring, diagnostic and prescriptive assessment, mastery learning and technology enabled school reform.



As CEO and founder of CodeREV Kids, and Co-Founder of Mathcraft-PLC, Evan draws from his experience as a teacher, education entrepreneur, and lead product manager for education software he has developed. Because he believes that every student can do well in math, Evan strives to get Mathcraft out to as many teachers as possible to help them teach math more effectively across the world.

As Evan became familiar with differing school curricula in his 14 years in education and STEM, he grew to see motivation as the missing link for students in math. He also saw that traditional methods of teaching math do not reach a substantial percentage of students in the classroom.

Evan has overseen the implementation of Mathcraft in his learning center, and at many schools across the United States, and has seen enormous increases in math scores of students at these schools.



Mylo serves as a lead curriculum consultant for CodeREV as he works to develop, document, and test CodeREV’s Mathcraft curriculum.

While earning his Masters in Education at Harvard University, Mylo worked on Common Core alignment for Scratch, which he also worked on with the MIT Media Lab. Scratch is a popular a programming language designed for kids.

Mylo was also lead content manager for Educade.org, curriculum developer at PlayMaker School, and lead researcher for NSF funded project Learning Lens, which assesses learning through multimedia data capture.

Mylo is also a talented actor.

A web resource and Professional Learning Community (PLC) for teachers who want to implement Minecraft and game-based learning in their classrooms